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Do you love animals and hate to see them suffer?  
As an animal lover myself, I can tell you that, next to seeing a child suffer, there is nothing more painful than watching your animal suffer and being unable to help them.  I've been there and that's when I began to dream of helping people get medical assistance for their animals when they can't provide it. 

Recently, I started Patches' Pet Pals for this purpose and right now, I have an opportunity to buy a boarding kennel property that would also allow me to begin low cost vet services and to buy a van to equip for mobile vet services. 

With your help, we can make a big difference in getting medical help for animals that need it.  Whether the animal needs to be spayed or neutered, get flea or parasite treatment, have surgery, x-rays for broken limbs, tests or medicine of whatever kind, our goal is to provide it.

Be part of my dream now.  Who knows, maybe we can help you save your animal one day.  Would you like to help?  Click on the link below to find out how.

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